Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Meet OTP Author Walter Luce!

Today, The Back Deck Blog is featuring one of Oak Tree Press's newest authors, Walter Luce.  Walter is the author of the Eva Pennington series and the Turk Donatelli series. Let's get to know a little more about Walter:

I was born in Vermont where I still spend my summers. I’ve been a successful real estate developer in Florida, Georgia, and California. I now live in the Palm Springs, California, area with my wife, Bonnie, where I wrote my first of six novels so far, Eva Pennington.

The oldest of seven in my family, I graduated from Braintree Randolph Union High School in 1962, and attended Miami Dade Junior college after being honorably discharged from the Army in 1967.

The third in my Eva Pennington series, EVA PENNINGTON – DAMSELS OF DIVERSION, was just released. The first is available on Kindle only EVA MARIE PENNINGTON which I’ve rewritten and will be released in paperback in a few months. EVA PENNINGTON – TROUBLE IN GEORGIA the second in the series was released last year.
My Turk Donatelli series, MIAMI EXIT, ATLANTA EXIT and VERMONT BOUND, was recently published by Oak Tree Press and is doing very well.
We own a cabin (Camp Cupcake) in the foothills of the Vermont National Forest and I have a writer’s loft on the second floor. In the desert, I write from my in-house real estate development office. Between five and six AM I secure my first of three cups of coffee, read the Wall Street Journal, check my emails, work on my real estate deals, reread what I wrote the day before and then write anywhere from 1,500 to 2,500 words. 
In the ‘70s, my wife taught college journalism and was a MENSA member. She talked me into going to one of their meetings. After three meetings, I was determined to do what they were talking about doing…writing a book. Thirty years later, I wrote my first novel for all the wrong reasons—not being a well-educated man, I thought if I wrote a book people would think I was smart. By the way, none of them ever wrote that book they talked about and writing a book didn’t make me any smarter. When the real estate industry fell apart in 2006, my wife, Bonnie, said to me, “Stop complaining about having nothing to do, and dust off that novel you wrote thirty years ago, and work on getting it published.”
The best (writing) advice (I ever received) was to just write -- don’t worry about what you write; just write. The worst advice I ever got was to trust your banker.
I start with an idea and just let the characters take me for a ride. It’s easier now that publishers and the public like shorter novels. I love the ride. I write not to get published…I write because I can’t stop writing. If I was never published I would still write…its therapy.
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Thanks for telling The Back Deck Blog readers about you, Walter, and write on!


  1. Great interview. I like Walter's approach to writing--let the characters take him along for the ride.

  2. Really enjoyed getting to know Walter! The writer's loft at Camp Cupcake sounds heavenly.

  3. This interview was a great way to get to know you, Walter. I love what characters reveal to you when they think it is just the two of you! lol I absolutely agree that the best is when writing is not optional--it's what happens everyday. I hope your book sells a bunch!

  4. Yep, Walter's a 'pantser.' So am I , but Larry (my husband, lover, and writing partner) is a 'plotter.' Maybe that's why our collaboration works. Keep on writing is great advice!

  5. Great interview with one of my favorite authors! Thanks Amy and Walt!

  6. I am having the time of my life, hosting the blog blitz! It's like having a big house party with all my fellow authors and everyone getting to know everyone else! I hope ya'll are having as much fun as I am!

  7. At the PSWA conference, I heard the two rules of writing. 1. Write. 2. Finish what you write. I think you proved these rule. Good blog.
    JL Greger, author of medical thriller/mysteries - Coming Flu, Ignore the Pain, & Murder: A New Way to Lose Weight