Monday, July 4, 2016

Celebrating Another Anniversary

Yes, I know it's Independence Day and a national holiday, but Paul and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary two days ago and that's what is foremost in my mind!

Anniversaries are supposed to be wildly romantic events with candlelight and roses and surprise getaways to exotic locales... at least, they are if you listen to the ads from travel agencies and read their magazine articles. Those are better pieces of fiction than I could ever write.

I'm not saying they don't occur and I'm certainly not saying that I'm opposed to celebrating an anniversary in that way. It's just that I always find myself wondering about things like... Is it going to rain? A lot? Is the restaurant's chef about to walk out because he had another fight with the head waiter? Am I going to fit into that dress I bought for the occasion two months ago? Is the car going to break down en route? You know, all those things that never happen in the pages of a romance novel.

It's said that fiction mirrors fact, but whenever I read about such stories, I seriously doubt that it's anything but an unrealistic fantasy. Maybe because my ideas about romance don't exactly mesh with that ideal. My husband and I celebrated our anniversary--indeed, just about every potentially romantic holiday or event this year--doing something we both enjoy very much. Working.

As I've mentioned before, I work part-time at Noisy Water Winery and the people in charge there know that, if Paul's available, they get a two-for-one deal whenever I work. Life, unfortunately, demands that bills be paid and that sometimes means having to work extra hours. Much as I would like to spend every waking hour with my husband in a relaxing way, I'm willing to accept that sometimes our time together involves working together.

I've discovered that when two people agree on what's important--being together vs. being someplace really cool--then every day can be a honeymoon. Oh, one of these days we'll have time and money to have our romantic getaway in some exotic locale. For now, sharing a house with three other people (who are extremely cool and fun to hang with--Amber, Fabian, and Daniel!) who are co-workers and spending two days pouring wine for hundreds of strangers in a crowded tent in 85 degree weather (with few bathroom or meal breaks!) and finishing up the day sweaty, tired, and smelling of wine wiped off on our t-shirts... yeah, I'll take that. As long as we're together.

Getting ready to sling vino at the Santa Fe Wine Festival!

Dinner at Andiamo's in Santa Fe on our actual anniversary with the wine folks!

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