Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year, New Goals

Of course, with the ringing in of the new year comes the making of resolutions and setting goals for the next twelve months. Usually these goals have to do with improving oneself--losing weight, living a healthier lifestyle, going back to school. I always admire those that set such goals and actually achieve them. I'm not one of them. As much as I know I have to do some of those things (especially eating healthier), I will probably do them as deadlines loom closer (for instance, I'll start my diet AFTER the holiday foods are completely cleared out of my freezer... and before I see my doctor in March!)

Other goals are already in place. Not only do I have a Black Horse Campground novel set to be released this month, I have already committed to having the fifth book in the series ready to be released in July. Those are goals I relish and are ones that I know I have a lot of support to accomplish, but along with those goals come others. If I am to continue to have my books published, writing them isn't enough. I have to promote them and find ways to boost sales. That's not always fun or easy to do. It means making time in an already busy schedule to research venues for promotion and then doing the promo work.

I also want to open up more possibilities for networking with other authors and with others who are in the business of book promotion and marketing. This may mean having to take time away from other things I enjoy doing and may mean spending a little more money and time than I usually would on such things. Yet if it helps me get closer to the real goals I want to achieve, it can be seen as being no different than skipping dessert or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. It can feel like a sacrifice or a pain in the neck, but the rewards are immense.

So my resolution for this year? It's to look at these things as new adventures or challenges on the way to achieving my goals; to not groan or complain if "I don't feel like" doing research on a promo possibility; to resist the temptation to beg off any speaking engagements or events that might clash with a "fun" (i.e. no work) vacation. I'm fortunate that I have a spouse who is willing to go with anything that I have to do to further my writing career. It makes the challenged less daunting and more adventurous.

Hope you all have a great new year with many adventures waiting for you!

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