Monday, January 19, 2015

Meet Ronald B. O'Gorman, Author of "Fatal Rhythm"!

Today on The Back Deck Blog, I'm hosting author and fellow Catholic Writers Guild member, R. B. O'Gorman.  I thoroughly enjoyed his medical thriller, "Fatal Rhythm", not only because it was a fast-paced, engrossing read, but the story is set in Houston, TX, in an area I'm very familiar with, as it is the neighborhood where my brother-in-law used to live! It was so exciting to read a story and think, "Yep, St. Ann's Church, I know where that is!" and be able to picture the exact location of the story!  So let's get to know this talented author and see what he's got coming up next!

    I grew up in Texas where I developed a devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe. I obtained a PhD in Biochemistry from Rice University and studied cardiovascular surgery under Dr. Michael E. DeBakey. My debut novel, “FATAL RHYTHM” is a medical suspense/mystery based on my training experience with Michael E. DeBakey, called the “greatest surgeon ever.” Currently, I live in Mobile, Alabama, where I write, teach, and practice medicine. My wife and I stay busy with our six children and first three grandchildren.
    I’ve written non-fiction since college. During my surgery residency, I started the novel as a journal reflection on the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe. From there, it grew into the novel. Along the way, I read every self-help book on writing, plotting, character development, editing, query letters, finding an agent, and self-publishing. I also was fortunate to take graduate courses in Creative Writing.
    FATAL RHYTHM” is the story of a Latino surgery resident who dreams of becoming a heart doctor. First, he must determine the cause of a series of deaths in the ICU. In the process, he re-examines the ethnic and religious heritage that he had rejected. It is a medical thriller, but also a story of redemption and Marian intercession.
    My writing process is a little unusual in that I write anywhere/anytime. I take moments during my day and jot down words on paper. Then, in the evening I transcribe into Microsoft Word. Later, I print out what I’ve written and make my corrections on paper. It’s been a long journey from my first reflections on Our Lady’s feast day to the finished debut novel. In the process there were multiple agents, editors, and publishers. The four most important lessons I learned: 1. I have time to accomplish all that God wants. 2. Never give up. 3. A wide network of friends/writers was required for me to accomplish my goal. 4. Outside affirmation is nice, but in the end I need to have faith in my work.
    My next book is titled “CHANCE TO CUT.” It is another medical thriller set in the Texas Medical Center. A heart surgeon must determine how an assassin is going to kill the president-elect and save his life. After that, I want to publish a trilogy, “FOUND,” about a Guatemalan orphan who thinks his biological father is the president of the United States. I hope to publish many more books, and even more important, I hope to work with fellow CWG authors to promote the revival of Catholic Fiction.

I hope my blog readers check out "Fatal Rhythm" and enjoy it as much as I do and much continued success to Ron in his writing endeavors!


  1. O'Gorman's writing technique sounds a lot like mine. I write anytime, anywhere. I enjoyed this post, Amy. Keep up the good work.

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