Monday, January 6, 2014

Time Marches On

This morning I posted an inspiring message on my facebook page (kind of reminds me of those locker posters we used to have in high school with the inspirational messages on them.)  It said:

A year from now you will wish you had started today.

A year always seems so long.  Next year seems so far away.  And yet, without trying to be facetious, last year was just last week.  What was it that you wanted to accomplish by this year?  Where are you now?

I won't make you answer that (yes, we're all squirming!) but let's think about it for next year.  Where do you want to be next year?  What do you want to accomplish by then?  Lose 50 lbs.?  Learn a new language or musical instrument?  Write a book?

If you start today, will you have accomplished any of those things by next year?  Maybe.  But more likely, not completely.  But even if you don't lose all 50 lbs., by exercising and eating better, you will still be healthier, right?  And if you're not completely fluent in a new language or ready to play Carnegie Hall with your violin or piano, you'll still be better than you were when you started.  And that book?  Maybe you won't have a publishing contract or a New York Times best-seller, but 50,000 words or more than a blank page is a good start.

Yesterday was my one-year anniversary of signing my book contract with Oak Tree Press.  It didn't happen the day I decided to be a writer.  Many years, many pages, many rejections letters, and many disappointments and setbacks happened before that day came.  But it never would have come if I hadn't made that decision that day, God only knows the date now, to begin.  It's the same for anything else we want to accomplish,.  We have to get started.

So whatever it is you want to have accomplished by 2015, start today.  Yes, 2014 just started, but six days have already gone by.  The next 259 are going to fly by.  Be further by then than you are today.

Get started.

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