Monday, June 29, 2015

Book Signings

In the grand scheme of things (at least in the book world), I haven't had many book signings, but I face every one of them with the same mixed feelings of excitement and trepidation. I think both feelings are self-explanatory. It is exciting to think that one has finally gotten their novel published and that there are people out there willing to buy the book and want the author to sign their name in it.

The trepidation comes in when you start to wonder if anyone is going to show up to buy the book.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of having a book signing at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Mesilla Valley Mall in Las Cruces, NM. This is my second signing at a Barnes and Noble and I have to say that there is something truly awe-inspiring about being in a store with vast amounts of books. Anyone who doubts that people still buy print books needs to spend a Saturday afternoon in a Barnes and Noble. It gives a writer hope!

My first signing in the El Paso Barnes and Noble with my high school classmates showing up in support!
My Barnes and Noble signing this past weekend in Las Cruces

I've also had signings in small, independent bookstores as well. Books, Etc. in Ruidoso and Treasure House Books and Gifts in Old Town Albuquerque have been so supportive of me and other New Mexico authors and small presses. These signings are far more intimate and, for a new author, there is the added benefit there is less competition with the big-name authors. Indie bookstores are far more receptive to hosting new authors and usually carry more regional books that the big chain stores might only carry online.

 My first signing at Books, Etc. in Ruidoso just after the release of "End of the Road"

My first signing at Treasure House in Old Town Albuquerque... a book store that specializes in only New Mexico authors and books about New Mexico!

One of my favorite places that I've had signings is at public libraries. At these events I'm also able to give a talk, which amuses me a bit. I don't consider myself an expert on writing yet. Maybe not ever. I'm always learning. The best I can do is talk about my experience as a writer and published author and, if asked, give advice based on what I learned in the process. I do enjoy talking about my characters, which is great, because I don't like to talk about myself, and I love when people ask me about my characters. It's like being the parent of an amazing kid (and aren't they all??) and being asked to talk about them. I have to discipline myself to shut up!

Talking with some "fans" after my most recent event at the Alamogordo Public Library

Of course, the very best book signings take place at launch parties. The venue can be at a bookstore or it can be in another place where you can gather a big crowd of friends and family who want to celebrate your book launch and buy the book as well. Usually a coffee house would be glad to host an event like this and might even carry the book after the event as well. In my case, I was fortunate to be employed part-time at a winery. I had featured their wine in my first novel and they were happy to host my launch party AND carry the book in store. Venues like this open up the book to a wider audience; people who might not ordinarily go to a book store have a chance to discover your books.

My latest book launch party back in February at Noisy Water Winery

I have more book signings scheduled in the coming months across a variety of venues and I hope to discover new readers in each one. And I hope they keep coming back for more!

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  1. A fun look at your adventures, Amy! Keep up the good work.