Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Finding Time vs. Making Time

I've often said that many times it's not a matter of "finding" time to do the things one wants to do, but simply a matter of "making" time. After all, it's a matter of priorities, isn't it? Writing or watching TV? Editing or going to a movie with friends? Blogging or... taking care of family?

It's a common joke (sort of) that writers struggle to decide between laundry and housework or working on their novel. But when a writer suddenly finds him or herself having to take care of family... it's not a laughing matter.

Whether it's taking care of a new baby in the house or an elderly person who needs assistance,that is when a writer has to develop a knack for finding time. It make be a few moments in between naps or during a favorite TV show (the family member's, not the writer's!), or getting up an hour earlier or staying up later, but one thing is certain: a writer no longer has the luxury of time.

This is when a writer must really take to heart the fact that writing IS a job. However little time one can find, it's important to take it seriously. Writing, sadly, can easily be relegated to the category of tasks considered to be frivolous or merely entertaining. A writer must treat their writing time seriously in order for others to treat it seriously as well.

Those stolen moments must be utilized to their fullest. Five minutes might not be long enough to immerse oneself in the latest work-in-progress, but it might be enough time for a character sketch or a quick blog post, maybe even a Facebook post.

Just try to fight the temptation to start browsing Facebook instead of working!


  1. You've hit the nail right on the head. Most writers I know that say they don't have time to write, spend what time they do have socializing far more than I do. I write early in the a.m. starting when everyone else is asleep, then squeeze in writing when everyone else is off doing things.

    1. I have a busy schedule--as you do--with things that HAVE to be done. I put the writing in that category! It's amazing how much time people spend doing other things when they claim they wish they could write!